“Doing good works which He prepared in advance” Ephesians 2:10

Everyone has a story and with my story, I often have to ask people, do you want the book or the cliff note version? In case you said the book, Wounded to Win: Finding Purpose in Pain is exactly it. But if you said cliff notes, than here you go. My name is Njiba Tirado and I was born in Ivory Coast, a country located in West Africa. However, I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo. At the age of 12, I came to the United States in Newport News, Virginia. I am a graduate of Christopher Newport University with a Bachelor in Biology and a Masters in Teaching. I also hold an Educational Specialist degree from Regent University.

My husband, Dr. Tito Tirado and I get to be parents of 4; an adult daughter, a teenage son, and two toddler boys. In high school, I remember winning the superlative, “Most likely to be helpful” and quickly realized I am Solution Minded. Being a problem solver gives me the ability to bridge the gap in others lives in multifaceted ways and I am excited to serve you! 

Working with Njiba for the past three months has truly been life-changing…and I don’t use those words loosely. When we first started our counseling and discipleship work together, I was very broken and desperate for godly guidance and support. The first Bible study Njiba took me through was so precisely relevant to what I was experiencing, I knew that I had come to the right place. Since then, I have been impressed by Njiba’s wisdom in helping me navigate through this season of my life. She always has a mature, biblical response to the questions/issues I raise. Although Njiba is friendly and relatable, she always comes prepared to our sessions and leads them in a professional manner (for example, always starting meetings on time so no time is wasted). I could not have asked for a better experience and I very highly recommend Njiba to any believers who are looking for Bible-based counseling support.

G. Miles

Njiba Tirado

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Equipping women to overcome hurdles through Biblical principles.

Njiba is hard working, organized, relationally warm and intentional. She is clear thinking, articulate, and to my amazement. always seems engaged. If you are looking for advice on how to best leverage your time and reources, I highly recommend Njiba Tirado. 

Dr. Joey Tomlinson

Deer Park Fellowship

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I was immediately draw to Njiba and her love for the Lord. Her professionalism, yet approchability is obvious right away. She is always well prepared and is not afraid to ask the kind of questions that make people dig a little deeper and help them grow. Njiba has taught and developed other leaders by the example she sets. She equips women with everything they need to be able to lead others, encourages them, challenges them, but most of all prays for them. I know I can approach Njiba with anything I need assistance with at any time. 

- M. Lapastora

When I came to see Njiba, I sense there was something in heart that was hindering me in my walk with the Lord. If I loved the Lord with all my heart, why was I living in such fear, feeling opressed? With the Holy Spirit’s leading and much prayer, Njiba exposed paralyzing lies I was believing as truths. She challegenged me with God’s Word, pointing me to His Truths and revealing a part of of my heart that I had not fully surrendered to Him. God is using Njiba, in a powerful way, to minister and set the captives free. 

- J. Brown

In both her personal and professional lives, Njiba excels at juggling multiple commitments at once. She’s great at squeezing the most out of every day, and finds pockets of time to accomplish things that a less focused or intentional person might need a full day or week to do. She has a keen ability to forecast and plan both work and play, and will help you create a life where you have room for your priorities, whatever they may be.

M. Kasonga

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