Thank you for being here and choosing to work with me as your Solution Agent. This could mean two things for you. 

First, as a Solution Agent, I analyze the demands of your daily responsibilities to create effective methods that foster efficiency and productivity. I believe 24 hours is enough! Maximizing time can be done and in my e-course Task Tactics, you can learn more. 

Secondly, as a Solution Agent, I equip women to overcome the hurdles of life through Biblical principles  while teaching daily devotional disciplines that produce a fruitful lifestyle. I believe the righteous can flourish like foliage (Proverbs 11:28). 

Let’s get working. 

Njiba is hard working, organized, relationally warm and intentional. She is clear thinking, articulate, and to my amazement. always seems engaged. If you are looking for advice on how to best leverage your time and reources, I highly recommend Njiba Tirado. 

Dr. Joey Tomlinson

Deer Park Fellowship

My Process

1. DISCOVERY CALLS: Let’s discover your needs and how I can best be your Solution Agent.

2. STRATEGIC CALLS: Now that we know what your needs are and have discovered that I can be your solution agent, let’s create the most effective methods to best meet your needs.

3. ACCOUNTABILITY CALLS: We have discovered your needs and established me as your Solution Agent. We have strategically created effective methods to meet your needs. Time to check in once a week over the course of 4 weeks to support or modify the plan.

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